Explanatory remarks to the auditor

Welcome to NetBul 2021

A stamp exhibition is an event in which philatelists can exhibit their collection (or rather a part of it) to the public and to a panel of judges. The exhibits follow certain rules which are designed to accommodate the general public and create a fair basis for the evaluation of the jury. Normally, a stamp exhibition is held in a spacious hall, but in view of the COVID 19 pandemic the Israeli Philatelic Federation has decided to hold a virtual exhibition, for the first time in Israeli history.


NetBul 2021 is an Israeli national exhibition, and as such all exhibits included in it belong to Israeli collectors. The exhibits are merely a part of the collection: Each exhibitor owns many albums of material at home, and displays in their exhibit only the most interesting items in his possession.

A stamp exhibition consists of several exhibition classes, which are essentially different fields of collecting:

  1. A “traditional” collection is devoted to stamps of a specific country.
  2. A “thematic” collection is devoted to a specifi theme, such as “dogs” or “flowers”, and so forth.
  3. NetBul 2021 includes, for the first time in Israel, a “picture postcards” class, which contains some exciting collections.

A word about judging: The members of the jury are experienced collectors, who exhibited successfully in the past and have gone through training in evaluating exhibits. They follow rules which are set by the International Philatelic Federation. The rules are rather complex, so we’ll not discuss them in details. Based on these rules the judges grant a score for each exhibit and correspondingly grant it with a medal. They also provide the exhibitor with words of advice on how to improve the exhibit in the future. The exhibits which will get high scores in NetBul 2021 will qualify to participate in international exhibitions worldwide.

What can I see in the exhibition?

You are welcome to look at the different exhibits on display. To enhance your experience the organized committee introduced two novelties:
We also value your opinion! We welcome comments, and for the first time we are allowing to voice your preferences. In NetBul 2021 you can vote for the exhibits you like the most. Fill-in a ballot sheet and you may win an award! The most popular exhibit among visitors will also win a special award.

Do you have any questions for us? We will be happy to answer you!